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The Georgia Cracker

A collection of newsletters produced by the Georgia Cracker Radio Club. These newsletters were saved by Dicky Bird, WA4IQU, also known as Jasper Dixon. Dicky gave them to me to be scanned and saved for the future and here they are.

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April 2001 November 2001 Undated Roster Look for more here in the next few weeks, including a bunch of Albany Amateur Radio Club Newsletters. Here are a couple of previews. Albany April 2000 Albany May 2000


Current Station

Now runni ng a Flex 3000 connected to a iBuyPower computer from, purchased new for 398 dollars. The antenna here is a 470 foot loop running around the yard. As high as 55 feet and dipping in places to about 20 feet. This antenna is a big stretch for the Flex 3000 internal autotuner so I use an MFJ 993B IntelliTuner bypassing the internal tuner. Using a Yeasu MH-31 hand mic directly into the front panel of the Flex. I get great audio reports. The software is so flexible you can most microphones sound real good.

I looked at lots of radios and put together a bunch of paper stations before buying the Flex 3000. Up until a week or so before ordering the Flex I thought I would be getting a Yeasu FT 950, the RF-Space IF card and an SDR-IQ. Stopped by HRO Atlanta and touched the FT 950, looked at the RF- Space stuff and thought about all the connections and cables. I could have walked out with everything I needed but putting it all together and making a presentable station suddenly seemed like a lot of work. Went home and called Flex. Conversation felt good, radios were in stock and I ordered a 3000. It shipped the next day and I had it hooked up and running within 45 minutes of opening the box. At the time I was using an old HP desktop with XP Media Edition, two gigs of memory and the built in Firewire connector. Also operated the Flex with my Lenovo laptop with the built in Firewire connector. It was a no issue setup.

I have been reading the Flex Radio email reflectors for a couple of years. Great information but I had to learn to filter out many of the responders. I read a bunch of radio model reflectors and what they seem to have in common is an out of proportion representation of problems. I am sure people do have problems. I have had none, zero. It was the same with my previous radio, a Yaesu FT-857.

I bought the 3000 because I believe it is a bargain and I am not going to be running transverters or using a second receiver. I operate single sideband and digital modes. If you use CW make sure you know what you are getting into before ordering a Flex. Recent software updates may have fully addressed CW issues, this software is currently beta.


Remote Operation

PowerSDR is easy to remote. I use Remote Desktop to control the PowerSDR computer connected to the Flex 3000. I use Skype for the audio and a cheap headset at the remote computer. You can remote PowerSDR using HamRadioDeluxe or any other CAT program that will connect to a Kenwood radio. There are a bunch of videos on YouTube describing various remote setups.